Researching your property

I will help you to uncover the stories within your walls, be it a house or other property.

Every building and the land on which it sits has a history no matter its age.

Digging into that history can uncover a wealth of information about the building itself and how it has evolved over the years; the people who have lived there – no house history is complete without an knowing its occupants; the surrounding area and changes in the local and social history the property has witnessed.

If the subject property is an ancestral home, it can help bring your ancestors stories to life.

If the property is public house or hotel, learning and understanding its history can help promote the business.

All research includes a report provided in pdf. These can be provided in print for at an extra cost.



I offer a range of research packages to meet all budgets and requirements from providing a “potted” history offering a snapshot of the property in a specific period or researching the life of the property as far back as records will allow.

Please contact me for more details.

GIFT vouchers

Gift vouchers can be another perfect unique present for that someone who has everything!

Available for both family history and house history research my gift vouchers start at £50, I also offer gift vouchers, the perfect unique present for someone with an interest in family history or house history research. Starting at £50, please contact me for more details.


For that extra special touch or that special gift why not have your house history research presented hard back book. This can be produced as a ‘stand alone’ item or alongside your house history research package.

Production time can vary as each book is unique and will include time to check and approve our draft and for us to make any corrections and modifications that are required. Prices varying depending on the number of pages.

Please contact me for more details.