A-Z of Genealogy – All about the T’s

This week it’s all about words and phrases found in genealogy, family and house history research beginning with the letter T.

TABERN – Cellar under a building

TABERNA -inn/tavern

TABERNARIUS – innkeeper

TACKMAN – Manorial officer responsible for collecting rents and fines due to the Lord

TALENT – a weight and denomination of money

TALLAGE – an arbitraty tax levied by the Normans early Angevin Kings on towns and DEMSNE lands of the crown

tandem – at length

TANTRELL – Idle, unsettled person

TANTUM – so much, so greatly, so; only, merely

TAPSTER – Archaic term for for someone who sells beer/ale

TASTATOR 9CERVISIE) – ale taster

TEMPLUM – Church

TENANT-IN-CHIEF – a LORD holding his land directly from the King.

TENANT AT WILL – tenants who paid a rent and whose tenure was entirely dependent on the good will of the lord

TENATURA – feudal holding, tenure, tenement

tenebat sibi pro termino vito sue – he/she held (it) for him/herself to the end of his/her life

TENEMENT – parcel of land occupied by a tenant

tenens/entis – tenant

tenens custumarius – customary tenant

teneo/ere – to hold

tenementum – tenement

TENTIO – holding a court

tenura/ae – tenure(s)

TENURE – the conditions upon which land was held under the FEUDAL SYSTEM by a VASSAL from a LORD who was a MESNE TENANT, a TENANT-IN-CHIEF or the King.

TERMINARIUS – Lessee (legal)

TERMINO – to determine, decide a case (legal); to terminate

TERRA – land, piece of land, tenement, strip; arable land; earth (as opposed to heaven)

terre arabilis – arable land

TERRIER – Topographical account of the manor, giving whereabouts and size of the lord’s and the tenants’ land

TESTAMENTUM – Will, testament


THEGN – a VASSAL, usually a manorial LORD, holding land by military or administrative services in Anglo-Saxon and early Norman England

TIED COTTAGE by a farm worker subject to his continued employment

TITHE – Ancient obligation of all parishioners to maintain their parish priest from the fruits of teh land in his parish (GREAT TITHES e.g corn, hay, wood; SMALL TITHES e.g. wool, fruit, eggs etc)

TITHING – group of usually 10 or 12 men under the FRANKPLEDGE system who were mutually responsible for the good behaviour of each member of the group

TITHINGMAN – one of a group of ten men with a mutual responsibility for their good behaviour

Totum illud – In total

TRADO AD FIRMAM – to farm, to let at farm (for a specified term and for a specified payment)

TRINKLEMENTS – Odds and ends, miscellaneous small belongings

TUMULATUS – buried

TUMULUS – tomb

TUN – vessel holding 252 gallons, usually of wine

TUNC – then

TUNC TEMPORIS – at that time

Turbary – Manorial right to cut turf.

TURNPIKE TRUST – Trust set up to build and maintain roads for which tolls were charged to use

I would love to hear what obscure words and phrases you have found in your research – sarah@spfhhistory.co.uk

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