A-Z of Genealogy – All about the P’s

This week it’s all about words and phrases found in genealogy, family and house history research beginning with the letter P.

PACK RAG DAY – Old May Day

PACK WAY – Narrow way along wich goods could only be transported by pask horse

PADDINGTON FAIR – A public execution at Tyburn in the parish of Paddington

PAID SITTING – payment made for the right to sit in a pew a church aka pew rates

pain – a rule/regulation of the manor

PALATINATE – Territory under the governance of a count palatine, usually an Earl or a Bishop, who enjoyed royal privileges and exclusive jurisdiction by way of Palatine Courts e.g. Durham

PANNAGE – payment made by tenants to the Lord of the Manor for the right to pasture pigs in the Lord’s woods

paterfamilias – the male head of the family or household

pater – father

PECULIAR – Ecclesiastical district exempt from jurisdiction on the bishop of the diocese

pena/ae – pain/penalty

PER DIEM – for each day

per homagium – by the homage

per virgam – by the rod

pertinentia/ae – appurtenance(s)

perquisitum/i – profit(s)

peto/ere – to claim

petivit admitti tenens – he petitioned to be admitted tenant

PETTY SESSIONS – Lowest court developed in the 18th century to remove some of the workload from the Quarter Sessons; types of cases inc. larceny, drunkeness, bastardy etc

PINDER – kept the manorial pound/pinfold

PIPE ROLLS – the record of the annual audit of the Accounts of Sheriffs and other debtors of the Crown “The Great Roll of the Exchequer”

Piscaries – fishing rights.

PIT MONEY – Customary fee for burial within the church

post meridiem – afternoon (pm)

postridie – on the day after

post ultimam curiam et ante hanc curiam – since the last court and before this court

post conquestum – after the conquest (1066)

POTWALLOPER – prior to 1832 a man entitled to vote by viture of having a fireplace of his own thus being classed as a householder

Pratum/prati -meadow

precept – order issued to the bailiff of the manor for the holding of a court

predictus – aforesaid

premissa predicta – premises aforesaid

prepositus/i – reeve(s)

presentatio/onis – presentment(s)

presentment – a statement by the jury of matters to be dealt with by the manorial court

prius – formerly

probatum – something proved

probatum fuit huiusmodi testametum apud – this will was proved at

PROVOST – Constable

proxima post festum sancti – next after the feast of st

puer – boy

puella – girl

PURGATORY – Receptacle for ashes beneath or in front of a fire

PUTRID FEVER – an Old name for a groupd diseases which included typhus and smallpox

I would love to hear what obscure words and phrases you have found in your research – sarah@spfhhistory.co.uk

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