A-Z of Genealogy – All about the O’s

This week it’s all about words and phrases found in genealogy, family and house history research beginning with the letter O.

obitus – death


obolus/I (abrev ob) – halfpenny(ies)

Occidens – west

OCCUPO – to seize, occupy

OECONPMUS – Steward, Churchwarden

omnia bene – all is well

onus – burden, load; force, effect; charge(s) [in accounts]

OPELLA – shop, workshop

OPEN FIELDS – the major divisions, normally two or three, of the cultivated arable area of a medieval village outside the Highland Zone of England and Wales, in which one field each year in succession was left in rotation-fallow, the other one or two being communally ploughed and sown with winter and spring grains.

OPPORTUNUS – seasonal

AD OPUS – for the use of (a person)

ORBUS – orphan

ORREUM – barn, granary

Orrientem – east

OUTFANGTHIEF – right of a Lord of the Manor to pursue a thief beyond his own jurisdiction to bring him back for trial and if convicted to keep any forfeited goods

OVERSEER (OF THE POOR) – parich officer concerned with the administration and enforcement of the Poor Law between 1601 and 1834

OWLER – Smuggler

I would love to hear what obscure words and phrases you have found in your research – sarah@spfhhistory.co.uk

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