A-Z of Genealogy – All about the N’s

This week it’s all about words and phrases found in genealogy, family and house history research beginning with the letter N.

NATALE – birth, birthday

natus – born

naturalia filia – illegitimate girl/daughter

NEC – Nor, and not

NEMUS – a wood

NEPOS – grandson, nephew, descendant

NEPTIS – niece

NICHIL/NIHIL – nothing

NINE – indefinite period between a week and a forthnight

nocte – at night

NOCUMENTUM – harm, injury, nuisance; harmful thing

noia/nomina – the names

NOMEN – name, title

nominates – named/christened

non – not

NOTHUS – bastard

noverint universi per presents (me) – know all men by these presents (that i)

nunc – now

NUNCUPATIVE WILL – a will declared verbally rather than in writing

Nuper – lately

nuper in tenure – in recent tenure

nupsit – married

NUTRIX – nurse, wet-nurse

I would love to hear what obscure words and phrases you have found in your research – sarah@spfhhistory.co.uk

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