A-Z of Genealogy – All about the M’s

This week it’s all about words and phrases found in genealogy, family and house history research beginning with the letter M.

MAG – Halfpenny

MAGIS – more

magister/i – master(s)

MAINPAST – One for whom another is legally responsible

MALE – badly

MANADGE MAN – Itinerant seller of goods on creidt for household requirements

Mane – in the morning

manerium/i – manor(s)

MANOR – a landed estate, usually comprising a DEMESNE and lands held by VILLAGERs, BORDARs, or COTTAGERs and sometimes also FREE MEN, FRENCHMEN, RIDING MEN etc, which could vary in size from part of one village to several villages over a wide area; power over men (and women), ranging from civil to criminal jurisdiction; an estate in land giving authority and prestige; a land title giving superiority and gentility

MANUMISSION – the act of a feudal Lord that gave a villein his freedom

manus/us – hand(s)

manus domini – into the hands of the lord

marca – mark (6s 8d)

MARE – Sea, lake, mere

MARITUS – husband

matrimoniumsolemnizat – marriage solemnised

matrimonio conjuncti sunt – were married

MEDALE – Drinking feast after the Lord of the Manor’s meadow had been mown

MENSIS – Month

merchetum/i – merchet(s) – payment made for obtaining permission for a daughter to marry

MERCY – Amercement or Fine

Meridiem – southerly

messor/oris – hayward(s)

misercordia/ae – amercement(s)

messuagium – messuage/plot of land, usually with house or cottage and perhaps garden or outbuildings

MIGRO – to die

MILITIA – mustering of local forces comprising part time volunteers organised by county

MOB – Close-fitting cap with two lappets; a woman’s night-cap

MOETY/MOITY – Half share

MONETA – Money, coin

MOROR – to delay, remain; to dwell, live

MULIER – wife, woman

MURAGE – Tax levied for the building and upkeep of the walls of a town

I would love to hear what obscure words and phrases you have found in your research – sarah@spfhhistory.co.uk

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